Merchants can integrate with Trusty Pay directly.

  • Integrated with Trusty Pay: Submit the required documents to apply to integrate with Trusty Pay, complete the necessary software and hardware set up, and start to receive payments made by customers through Trusty Pay.
  • Operation: Work with Trusty Pay to manage transactions.
  • Marketing: Participate in Trusty Pay's marketing campaigns, which have marketing support from Trusty Pay.

Application Process

  • 01
    Submit Documents

    Submit the documents required by the online application through the Merchant Platform.

  • 02
    Enter into an agreement

    After your application is approved, follow the instructions to enter into an agreement with Trusty Pay.

  • 03
    Configure Accout

    Configure the account and set up the payment and transaction features as described in the development documentation.

Application Conditions

  • Basic information about your company is required, such as the business license, register country/region, address, legal representative and contact information.