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About this Document

This document is the official manual for Trusty’s payment APIs. As such, it is the tutorial for technical architects, R&D engineers, testing engineers and service engineers for the integrated Trusty payment system, which includes merchants' systems such as online shopping platforms, cashier systems. The following topics are designed to be read in order and there are references to topics "previously seen" and topics "yet to come". These references are linked accordingly and it should generally not be a problem to read ahead on other topics.

Payment Method

Quick Pay

The Payer shows their bar code or QR Code on Trusty's Quick Pay page to the Merchant to scan in order to pay directly. This mode applies to offline payment scenarios.

QR Code Payment

The Merchant generates a transaction QR Code according to the Trusty Payment Protocol and the Payer goes to "Scan QR Code" in their Trusty in order to complete payment. This mode is applicable to payments made on websites, physical stores, media advertising, or other scenarios.

In-App Payment

Payer selects products within the Merchant's app, submits the order, and chooses Trusty payment.The Merchant's backend calls the Unified Order API and the Trusty payment system returns appUrl to the Merchant's. Merchant's app get the appUrl to open Trusty app,The Payer enters their payment password and confirms payment in Trusty.

Web Payment

Users use Trusty's "Scan" feature to scan a payment code generated by a merchant on a web page to make a payment.
"Web payments allows order information to be embedded in a unique QR code. By scanning the code in Trusty, users complete the payment after passing the security checks.